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The highlighting tool in SpeedGrader doesn't work well in Chrome

I recently came upon a big problem while trying to highlight student errors in writing submissions in Canvas while using the Chrome browser on either a Macbook Pro laptop or an iMac desktop. When I highlight some text in yellow or orange, for example, the color completely covers the text, making it invisible. There is no tranparency in the highlighted areas. When I use Chrome on my Win 10 desktop at home, though, the problem is no longer there. Moreover, if I switch to Safari in Mac, the problem also disappears. Since Chrome is the browser I use the most, it would be nice to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. If anyone has any insights to this problem, please let me know. Thank you for your assistance.

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I am having the same problem!

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I have a few teachers that have experienced this issue as well. Is there a permanent solution in place?

Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @jbhouse ,  @nzauhar ‌, and  @tsample ‌ ~ Have you seen improvement with the highlight tool in Speedgrader (while in Chrome) since September? It would be great to hear an update! Smiley Happy

Hello Kristin,

Thank you for your message. I am happy to report that the highlighting tool in Canvas has been working fine. I use it all the time without difficulty. Thank you and the rest of the Canvas team for addressing this issue.


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Me too.  And there's nowhere on this page where you can click "I have this problem too."

Hi Barbara - This question was marked as "Answered", so that button was not active. I removed the correct answer and made it possible for you to click the button. I hope that others find this discussion and are able to answer suggestions for you.

We came across this issue today on Safari 13.0.2. I’ve just reported it to Canvas – they said there was already a support case (id 04821911) in with their engineers about this odd behaviour, and they’d attach our case to it. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. There are a number of threads with this issue, so it looks like it comes and goes (varying browser support for CSS opacity?).

Doesn't work at all in Chrome. Yuck.