The question on the assignment part what is locked day and due day diffrences?

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To explain in example if the assignment lock Day is April 19: at 12:02am and the assigment due day is may 3 at 11pm  what is the difference post on Aprill 19 and may 3 post? thankyou for your explantion 

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Hi  @teshome_sanbato  Welcome to the Canvas Community. There is a full explanation of what you're asking here: What is the difference between assignment due dates and availability dates? From the way you are explaining it, it sounds like you had April 19 as the available from date, which I assume is what you mean by the lock day. That's a good choice of words, because indeed if a student tries accessing that assignment, they will be created with a message that the instructor has it locked until April 19.  In fact, this is a great way that using the Student View can help you as you're learning the ins and outs of Canvas, because if you tried it, you would have seen that very message before April 19.  Basically, students can SEE the assignment and know that it exists, but that's about it.

The due date is, of course, when the assignment is DUE.  However, be aware that students can always, by default, submit an assignment late. That's where the Until date, also described on that first link, comes into play. After the UNTIL date, students will no longer be able to submit the assignment.

I hope this helps, Teshome.  Be well!

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