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The update made the app UNUSABLE

I need help because I updated to the latest version of Canvas and now the IOS app is basically unusable. Everytime I try to switch to a different page, the entire thing freezes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times and there are even times where icons on the bottom start disappearing. I can’t find the previous version 16.0 available to download anywhere online for IOS and I even went back into my purchase history to install and that STILL keeps reinstalling the latest version. I am running the latest version of IOS and multiple users on App Store reviews are saying that the app update has made the app IMPOSSIBLE to use because the entire app/screen will freeze. I don’t have this issue with ANY other app on my phone so I know it’s just Canvas- especially when the app was perfectly fine BEFORE I updated.

What is being done to fix this because I am in college and use the mobile app nearly 24/7 since I have an older laptop that isn’t reliable- universities and Professors don’t care that you guys released an update that doesn’t work but this is disheartening and awful as a user. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach


I'm sorry to hear about the app not working properly. Did you ever find a solution? 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @Kitsune_ -

Canvas Student 6.20.0 is currently being released. I wonder if that update will help you! If not, please reach out to Canvas Support so they can take a closer look at what you're experiencing. They'll be able to better diagnose any issues and possibly connect them to other reports. How do I contact Canvas Support?