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Thin Common Cartridge grade passback

 In canvas I'm importing thin common cartridges into the course then what i want is to post grade passback for students.
So, can you tell me if grade passback is possible in case of thin CC.
Thanks in Advance!
Best Regards,
Anshu Beniwal  
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For future searchers of this question:

You cannot use a module for grade passback. You have to create an assignment with the exact URL of the specific module you want to use.


How to make an assignment viewable AND with a gradepassback URL:

  1. Import Cartridge
  2. Go to the Modules Page
  3. Click the 3 dot thingy at the right of whichever Module you want to use in your assignment.
  4. Click “Edit”
  5. Copy the URL into your clipboard.
  6. Cancel.
  7. Click on “Assignments”
  8. Click the +Assignments
  9. Add an Assignment Name and choose a Grade amount
  10. Under “Submission Type”, choose “External Tool” if it is not already chosen.
  11. Paste the URL from step 5 into the textbox under “Enter of find….”
  12. For now, make sure to click “Load This Tool In A New Tab”
  13. Do whatever else to the assignment that you need to.
  14. Click “Save & Publish”

Congratulations! You should now have an assignment a student can take and will feature grade passback.

Here is a very useful video with the entire process; please note I am not the creator. The grade passback section is after the 7 minute mark.