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This is actually a duplicate of this post, but as it appears to have been closed I'll ask again here.

I would like to give my students 48 hours to complete a take-home essay assignment. RIght now, the only option in Canvas is to create a quiz whose only question is a file upload. However, this workaround leads to a losy workflow. I have to download all the submissions, mark them on my laptop, then laboriously upload them in an error-prone manner. All of the workflow advantages of Assignments disappear.  Having done this once, I really don't want to do it again. 

What would it take to have this additional feature implemented? Are there existing integrations that I might be able to use to get this additional functionality?


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Instructure Alumni

What you've described is the topic of a feature idea:  Add time limit to Assignments.

Perhaps another member might be able to suggest an existing integration they're using to accomplish this. 

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Hi @matt_price 

Would setting the availability date on the assignment accomplish what you want to do?  You could set it to become available and then close 48 hours later. The only disadvantage I can think of it would require all students to begin at the same time, and perhaps you want students to have the option to start at their own individual times. See the guide linked below. 

As far as implementing this, you could post it as a feature request in the ideas forum, but that may take a while, if ever, to be developed.  You could have your local Canvas administrators contact their Insturcture rep about developing it for your instance, but it would guess it could be pricey. 





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