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Hello Canvas community,

I have a student who said that he was taking a test and the timer ended before his time was actually up.
Has this happened before? Any reason why this could occur? Any solutions or remedies are greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help.

Here's our students full explanation:
During my test today I had 40 minutes to complete it. We were to work on Notability and upload our files at the end and I made it a habit to periodically check the timer on the canvas test to make sure I was using my time wisely. When I checked the timer it informed me that I had 15 minutes until the test ended so I finished up my last problem and attempted to submit in 5 minutes later. However, when I went to upload my answers I was informed that I was out of time despite being informed I had 15 minutes left.

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One situation that I have seen this happen is when a test is started very close to the end of the availability end date/time for that quiz.  

For example if a quiz is due today 2-19-21 at 10 am,  and students are allowed 60 minutes to complete the exam.  A student who begins that quiz today 2-19-21 at 9:20 am will not get the full 60 minutes but the availability of the quiz will close and submit the quiz at 10 am as stated in the quiz settings.  So this student got 40 minutes rather than the full 60 to complete.  

Hope this helps.

Sara Udelhofen 

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