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Community Coach

Tips on training others to use Mastery Paths

Hello everyone,

I am preparing training on Mastery Paths for faculty at my institution and have a couple of questions for those who have trained others on Mastery Paths or teachers using this feature who have suggestions for trainers.

If you have insights into any of these, I would love to hear from you!

1- What tips or hints would you give to someone getting ready to train faculty/teachers who have not been exposed to Mastery Paths before?  Are there elements of your training that have been particularly helpful or confusing to participants, or things you wish you would have included in training but did not?

2- Does anyone have a story of how the use of Mastery Paths has improved student learning, motivation, or engagement in your class that I could use as an example of the potential benefit of this feature?

Thanks in advance!

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We are just learning about Mastery Paths too.  I'll be eager to see where this discussion leads!  Thanks for starting it.

Community Contributor

One important thing I learned recently was that you cannot set up MasteryPaths for an assignment that has already been published.

I may have just had bad luck, as I kept running into bugs, but I would recommend giving teachers a heads up that it's fiddly, and to be ready to send in tickets!

Thanks for the insight  @marthazumack ‌!  I will try this out myself but definitely keep this in mind during our training.  I hope to start training in late February so will also report back on what we experience!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

ericwerth  Since Mastery Paths is still in Beta, we have not rolled it out district wide.  However, we have started looking into training for a pilot.  Here are some things I have found...

  • If using a quiz as the initial assessment, we have found that a path can be changed.  The quiz should be set to to allow students to re-take the quiz, and make sure that the score to keep is set to latest.  Depending on how you use Mastery Paths, it may not be necessary to have students venture down a second or third path, but there are some reasons where this might be in the next item in this list.
  • If you have not read  @kona ‌' blog Hacking Mastery Paths‌ yet, it is a good read.  It give a different perspective on the way Mastery Paths can be used.  This idea makes each path more of a choice, not an assigned task.
  • I have attached two files that I have put together for Mastery Paths training.  Feel free to use, adapt, or just ignore.  One is a Word doc that gives the basics about the purpose of Mastery Paths and some "How to" for creating Mastery Paths.  The other is a PPT file that includes two slightly different versions of a flier that explains what Mastery Paths is for new users. (While it is created in PPT, I have adjusted the slide size to 8.5" x 11" so it can be easily printed.)
  • If interested in gamifying a course, Mastery Paths with Badgr is a blog sharing how Badgr can be used to award digital badges while using Mastery Paths.

Hope some of this might be helpful.  Good luck with your training!


This is great information  @ryan_corris , and thanks for including the training documents!  These will be very helpful as we move forward.  I have a quick question, is TAC Teacher Access Center?  I read your warning about entering grades manually if activities are not assigned to everyone so wanted to double check.

Thanks again!

Yes ericwerth‌, TAC does stand for Teacher Access Center.  We have had issues with grades transferring from Canvas to TAC if the grades are not assigned to everyone, or at least every section of a course (which is just another way to say everyone).  If I understand it correctly, it was explained to me that TAC sets things up as "sections" and Canvas sets things up as "courses".  Because there are differences in the way that the two entities set things up, if assignments are not assigned to everyone, sometimes things do not work as they should during the grade passback.

That makes sense.  We don't have TAC so that won't be a concern, but it is good to keep in mind.  I wonder if the same issue arises with those using Powerschool, Infinite Campus or other similar systems.  I'm not overly familiar with how these work.  Our faculty manually input the final grade from Canvas to our Student Information System.  I imagine that those who have grade transfer from Canvas to their SIS wouldn't be impacted by what you are experiencing with TAC if the transfer was final grade alone, but that would be interesting to confirm as well.  

Thanks again!


Hi ericwerth‌,

Awesome discussion topic. 

Smart Sparrow had a number of free courses on adaptive learning which in many ways is quite similar to Mastery Paths (MP). I found that growing my knowledge in adaptive learning really helped to inform my personal use of MP. I also use it a lot as a tool for remediation. Developing knowledge in both has really helped a lot of my clients hit the ground running when it comes to implementing MP. 

Happy to chat further!

- Am

Fantastic idea Deactivated user!  I will definitely check this out.  Thanks for passing along the link to this resource!