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On my Dashboard, the to-do list on the side is not present. The only tasks on my coming up list are for the one course I am TAing. My other 5 courses are nowhere to be seen. The only things on the side bar are the Coming Up and the Recent Feedback

I was wondering how I would have my to do list and coming up list show all 6 courses and their relevant tasks. 

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Community Team

Hi @Ilovebiology  (super-cool username, btw!) -- 

I think these lessons will help:

How do I use the to-do list for all my courses in the List View Dashboard as a student? 

How do I use the Dashboard as a student? 

How do I view my favorite courses in the Card View Dashboard as a student?

How do I add a to-do item in the List View Dashboard as a student? 


Between the Card View and the List View, I hope you find a set-up that works for you. The Canvas Student app will mimic the feeling of the Card View. However, with your TA role, I recommend seeing if the Canvas Teacher app will help you keep track of your items to grade.

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