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My students have a bunch of very short assignments due today, so my To Do list on my homepage has a lot of items. every time I click on an item to grade it, it opens in a new tab. If I close the tab when I am done grading the item I go back to the Home page where I was working but the To Do list isn't updated. I can click to go to the Home page from the assignment I just finished grading but then I have multiple tabs open.

How do I fix this?

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Instructure Alumni

Thanks to all of you for contributing your thoughts. We've heard you. This weekend's deploy will give users the option of how they want their to-do list items to open: in a new tab, or in the same tab. "New tab" will remain the default, but teachers will be able to change that in their user settings. Please read through  Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-12-15) for details.

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