Total Activity in ALL courses for ALL students in the school

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Is there a way for a principal to run a report that shows the Total Activity in ALL courses for ALL students?

We can pull a total activity per course, but we need data to show a combined total of how much time each of our students in the school have been online and working throughout the week.

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There is not a way to get this information for all courses and all users with one report. You can iterate through each course and obtain the information and then compile it into one database that you can then query against.

I do something similar each night using the API and then save the changes for they day into a database. Then I can query and see not just their total amount so far, but when that happened. The total time in course is supposed to change when they do more than 2 minutes worth, but the last activity gets updated (I think through the App) without them really doing anything. I look at the last activity to see it was yesterday, but then see they haven't added any time to the course in 2 weeks to get a more accurate picture of what's going on.

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