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Track Inactive Students

I know that Moodlerooms had been working on this prior to our transition to Canvas, but is there a way for Canvas to  automatically notify us of student inactivity?  For instance, if we wanted to know which students did not turn in any assignments, and did not log in for a 2 week period, would there be a way that Canvas could send an email or other notification to us?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @wmack ​, I'm sure with some back-end programming you could create something that would do this, but no, there really isn't anything on the front end of Canvas that would allow you to do this.

What we do to monitor our inactive/at-risk students is use Dropout Detective from Alliance Partner - AspirEDU​. It's an amazing program that integrates directly into Canvas and has really helped us do a better job of finding, tracking, and helping our inactive/at-risk students. It's also very cost effective and has a lot of extra bells and whistles (but stays extremely user friendly - like no training really needed, it just does what it's suppose to do.). I'm going to tag  @Chris_Munzo ​ on this so he can provide additional information.

 @kona , Thanks for the feedback!  This is very helpful.


Hi,  @wmack ​!  As Kona mentions, our Dropout Detective solution does this.  If you are at InstructureCon, please come and see us at the Partner Showcase today.  If not, I would be happy to connect with you next week.  Thanks!

 @Chris_Munzo ​, Thanks for the response!  I'm not at InstructureCon this year, but some members of our team are and I've let them know to stop by.  I appreciate your help!