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Track events in Google Analytics

Hello Canvas Folks!!!

I have a question, how can i trace a link within the canvas page using Google Analytics?, i´ve tried to put the onclick attribute in an "a" html tag but when i save the changes they desappears. I understand that Canvas filter some tags so i don´t know if there is anyway to do this.

Thank a lot.

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Community Coach

 @ctapia , sorry that your question has been sitting here for so long without a response. Did you ever figure out how to do this? I've also shared your question with the Canvas Developers‌ group in the Community to see if they can help.


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 @ctapia , 

This is something that a Canvas Admin would have to add to the global custom JavaScript file through the Theme Editor for an entire account or subaccount.

You might be able to gain some insight from what  @jperkins  and awilliams‌ have shared here in the Community.

Finally, you are correct that Canvas strips out some HTML. Allowing individual users to add JavaScript to a page is a security risk and poorly written code made degrade the performance of Canvas. Here's a list of acceptable elements: Canvas HTML Editor Whitelist

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@James @kona It looks like the following links are broken:

Any idea how to get to those topics?

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Not really. Canvas migrated to a new forum software in 2020 and typically the answer to this question is to search for the title.

That found nothing. A Google Search for the title wasn't helpful, either.  I went to all content by Adam ( @awilliams ) and searched for it and couldn't find it. I even went to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and searched for the original URL from the old site and it came back with nothing.

The link suggests that it was migrated, but it's not there. I remember at the time that Adam had concerns about potential FERPA violations with the instructions he provided, so he may have decided to remove it.

I found one 2017 blog on analytics: Canvas-Admin-Blog/How-to-Set-Up-Google-Analytics-for-Canvas 

Can't even find those other 3 posts using the Wayback Machine.

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Darn. We have Google Analytics set up for a subaccount that contains our learning technology training resources. I was hoping to find out more about GA events tracking in Canvas, as nothing is currently showing.