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Training on getting the best from the RTE?

As a complete newbie, I am struggling to get the Rich Text Editor to do what I want it to do - tables with graphics seem to be very hit and miss. Is there a training course on how to make the most out of the RTE? 

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Community Team
Community Team

CanvasHacks Classroom might be a good place for you to start,  @eileen_m_field —and here's a belated Welcome ‌to the Canvas Community! Also consider joining the Instructional Designers‌ group where you can vet your design ideas with your fellow experts.

Thanks for this ... off to investigate! 🙂

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I've just signed up to the Classroom Hacks and ALREADY  have found a better way to match colour - thank you once again! 

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Just to chime in, there were announcements today at InstructureCon regarding changes to the editor. It will include drag and drop and is much cleaner. These changes are coming soon. You'll see the features in your district's beta environment first then it will be released. 

Layne, Much appreciated. Thank you! Eileen x

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