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Transcriptions for Studio Recordings

Since this is not noted in the documentation and is a feature of Studio, Support suggested I create this discussion so others are aware of it.

You can get a transcription of any Studio recording that has added Captions.  It will require some editing but is easy to do.

1.  Publish captions for the recordings.

2.  Open the recording, and select "Captions"

3.  Click on the 3"dots" at the top right and select "download".  This will create a zip file.

4.  Open the zip file and click on either of the "srt" files within.  You will be prompted to select an application to open the file.   You can select Word or Notepad to open it.

5.  The transcription will display.  Edit it to delete all of the "time" notations.

Video demonstration:  Transcript for Studio transcription #studio

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Community Team
Community Team

 @edwardn1 ‌, thanks so much for providing this useful information. Our Doc Team is reviewing the Studio documentation to determine how best to incorporate it.

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Great. I was told by Support that it wasn't possible so seems like it needs to be documented.

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I'm confused about deleting the time notations. If you delete those, then how does the video know were to place the text from the SRT?

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I would copy/paste it onto a Word doc and edit on that. You don’t remove the timings in Studio.

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Thank you for posting this technique for getting video transcripts.

Unfortunately, this is a highly inefficient manual process which leaves out the steps of uploading the edited transcript back to the course and hyperlinking it so users can get a transcript on demand for their screenreader or other purposes. Universal Design practices suggest captions and transcript support different purposes. It is our college's policy to provide both captions and transcripts for all videos we upload.

Since captioning already provides Studio with the text needed for a transcript, Studio should provide a link to a transcript with embedded time codes (as found in VTT or SRT files). This link should appear just below the embedded video automatically without needing to edit the page. The link could just be the word "Transcript" or be an icon (with appropriate ALT text) signifying a transcript is available.

Without this automation it's necessary for users to manually edit a text file, upload it to each course where the video may appear, and manually create a hyperlink to the transcript separately on any page in the course(s) where the video may be embedded.

Hopefully, this suggestion gets due consideration.

Michael Keen

Landmark College

I made a typo in my post above. In the second paragraph, the first sentence should read:

Since captioning already provides Studio with the text needed for a transcript, Studio should provide a link to a transcript without embedded time codes (as found in VTT or SRT files).


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Hi all,

I have documented a technique which I believe is somewhat easier than the OP's post. Please see:

I still feel strongly that Studio should include a "Download Transcript" option directly in the video player, but this gets the job done.