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Trouble with MS Word referencing in Speedgrader

Hi Has anyone been having trouble with MS Word documents in Speedgrader with regard to the format of the MS referencing tool being all wrong, although it is fine in the Turnitin checker? If my students are using Word referencing tab for in text referencing it is coming up like this: [ CITATION Smi09 \l 6153 ].


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One of our teachers has just experienced this issue. Also using Turnitin, and also seeing the problem only arising in SpeedGrader.

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Can confirm this - anyone using the Citation feature in modern versions of Word, it appears fine in TurnItIn but when marking via Speedgrader it freaks out. A temporary solution is save your Word file as a PDF and submit or, in Word, convert the Citation to Static Text. However there is no way to do this en mass.... 

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