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Anybody using the LTI integration with TurnItIn?

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You are exactly right. I can now access your excellent resource, and while I'm at it, I'll check out the ability to link to it in a post: Canvas and Turnitin​ ...and there it is. Awesome!

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I noticed the link to  @dhulsey  content is gone from this thread so I adding it back -  Canvas and Turnitin

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We have been experimenting with the LTI integration of Turnitin here at the University of Hull.

We have found it breaks several of the features that we love in Canvas Assignments.

The individual extension to submission feature cannot work with Turnitin as changing the date for an individual has no link to the turnitin class deadline.

  • This was a feature that we requested in particular for Canvas and was up-voted to become part of core.

Using Turnitin LTI tool as the point of submission, which it forces you to do, means you can no longer submit multiple files.

  • This is a real concern to us as it was one of the great features of Canvas submission that allows multipart assessment or the addition of coversheets or disability statements as part of the submission process.

Turnitin LTI exposes the students to Turnitin performance issues.

  • If Turnitin service is down, students cannot submit their work in the LTI tool
  • With the old Turnitin API tools, students submitted to Canvas and then Canvas sent the files off to Turnitin in the background, thus preventing the students from exposure to Turnitin performance issues.

The new Beta moderation tools cannot be used if the Turnitin LTI tool is used for assessment.

  • If you set up the LTI tool as the submission, it removes any access to the moderation tools and thus prevents us from using a much needed and requested feature.
  • This means no access to second marking or moderation features that again, we requested and are needed in Canvas Core and are currently in BETA.

Has anyone else experienced these problems with the LTI tool? Would love to hear back from you.

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I too like the fact that you post a grade in Grademark and it comes back to Grades and SpeedGrader through LTI. But this is at the expense of several great canvas features that we definitely do not want to lose. (Multiple file submissions, individual extensions to student submissions, the new Moderation and second marking tools, Turnitin availability (uptime) issues)

In one breath, the Turnitin integrations team are  talking about only depreciating the "open API", then in the next breath they say that Canvas themselves are pushing for the depreciation of the "Canvas API" as well.

Below is an excerpt from and email I received fromTurnitin integrations team themselves today.

We are not back tracking on the deprecation of the Open API. This is very much still happening for a majority of the institutions in the UK with custom learning management systems by end of year.
...a majority of the Open API customers will have adopted LTI or another supported integration by end of this year.
I would like you to understand the move to LTI was not only driven by us, but also by our partners like Canvas. Canvas want to deprecate the legacy Canvas integration just like we do and are supportive of our move to LTI.

SO which is it?... Are Canvas driving the move to LTI and pushing to have the Canvas API removed?

Or like in the second quote, we will have the option to use "another supported integration" by which I mean Canvas API moving forwards...?

All quite confusing.

 @joel_mills ​:

I too like the fact that you post a grade in Grademark and it comes back to Grades and SpeedGrader through LTI. But this is at the expense of several great canvas features that we definitely do not want to lose.

Another of the great Canvas features that we definitely do not want to lose is the ability to measure learning mastery through the use of outcomes. We don't want teachers to use Turnitin rubrics at the expense of using the rubrics-with-aligned-outcomes we've so carefully created for use in the Canvas SpeedGrader. However, one currently cannot add a rubric to an assignment after one has created it as an External Tool type assignment. So when this feature idea opens for voting next month, please consider giving it your upvote:

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 @joel_mills ​

Thank you for such a detailed list. That is very helpful. We never used the API option in Canvas so we went straight to the LTI option when we integrated. This fall was our first semester with instructors using the integration. It is always helpful to know about the pitfalls of the integration. TurnItIn,  in my experience,  is not good at communicating their processes or providing support.