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Turned in assignment to the wrong place.

If a student turns an assignment into the wrong place I want them to be able to delete it or the teacher be able to delete it. As of now it just keeps popping up as needs graded but they don't have it done yet because they turned something into the wrong place. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @jbollinger ,

Currently, this feature does not exist in Canvas.  There is a feature request that has received a lot of support and remains open for voting.  This nice thing about Canvas Assignments is that once it is time for the student to submit that specific assignment they will have the opportunity to re-submit and replace the wrongly submitted file.


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Jennifer,

It's not possible to delete an assignment submission.  I personally really like that because there is no way an instructor could accidentally or even intentionally remove something.  I see that as protection to the teacher in case a student claims the teacher wasn't fair to them.  Re-submission works for students to submit a course assignment if they submit the wrong thing and maintains a paper trail so that there is a record of what happened.

For your example where the To Do list keeps telling the instructor to grade something, it's possible to dismiss that alert from the Dashboard and course home page by click the X to the right of it.  This will dismiss the item until another one get submitted.