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Turnitin Access for professors

I am a professor/instructor.  How do I access Turnitin from Canvas as an instructor? My students are asking for an class enrollment key.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @ahagadorn1 ,

At our institution, Turnitin is accessed through an assignment.  We have a purchased site license with Turnitin as well,.  There is an option for the instructor to enable in Assignments called Plagiarism Review.  This option appears once the option for File Uploads is selected.  You may need to check with your school to see it you have a Turnitin subscription.


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @ahagadorn1 ...

I agree with everything that  @Robbie_Grant ‌ has stated.  I also wanted to share a link to this blog: Canvas and Turnitin‌.  It has a wealth of information on how to get Turnitin set up (you may not need to set it up yourself if it has been configured by your school's local Canvas administrator at the account level) and how to use it in your course assignments.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what an "enrollment key" is or how it would used with Turnitin.

Hi Robbie-

I am trying to set up a assignment and filtering through the q and as.  I have created an assignment before, but have seen this new way to do it.  However, I don't get this option: (plagerism review)

screen shot- plagerism review

Would I have to allow something on the Canvas end?  Or is this on the end.

I am an admin for Canvas in our building, and also a classroom teacher. Thanks in advance.

Jeneen HIll