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Turnitin Graded Papers Disappearing


One of my colleagues accidentally changed the submission type on one of her assignments from external tool to online submission after she had already graded 60 papers in Feedback Studio.  When she set the assignment back to external tool, she discovered that although all of the papers were still in SpeedGrader, none of the papers that had been submitted and graded were in Feedback Studio.  She is naturally frustrated. 

We asked for support from Turnitin who sent us to Canvas who said that they could not help because switching the external tool off and back on again generated a unique Turnitin ID different from the original assignment. So the 60 graded papers are gone from Turnitin. 

I am wondering if this situation has happened to anyone else and if we should keep digging for answers. Any help would be appreciated.  



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there,  @lisa_wathen  Thank You for posting your question and providing the detail about your colleague's situation with Turnitin.  I don't really have an answer for you (though that certainly doesn't sound good that all submissions were potentially lost in Feedback Studio), but let's see if  @dhulsey ‌ might have some thoughts for you on this.  I know that he's got a great blog called Canvas and Turnitin, but I'm not sure if a question similar to yours has been addressed by him or anyone who has posted comments in his blog entry.

I hope this will be of help to you, Lisa.

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Thank you  @chofer !  Appreciate your help!  

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 @lisa_wathen ‌, 

Yes, it happens or the instructor forgets to set the integration from the get-go.  You (and the instructor) are not alone!

The instructor has a couple of options from shrugging and laughing with calling it a "Turnitin freebie" to downloading the

papers as a zip within SpeedGrader and then using to check the scores on the papers (students will not see the scores and the instructor will have to compare and grade in two different systems).  Or just checking the couple of papers that look fishy in It's all about the options and how they are presented, right? 

Good luck!  If you need more help, please let me know.


Hi  @kschneider25 !

Thank you so much for your help.  Your "Turnitin Freebie" comment made me laugh. :smileylaugh:

My colleague wanted her students to use the comments she had left in Feedback Studio to revise their papers, and now the papers are completely gone from Turnitin along with all of the comments.  Hours of work gone in a flash.  She's frustrated that she changed the Submission accidentally, but given the results, I feel as if there should be a warning notification.  Maybe there was, and she just didn't see it.  She said she didn't remember seeing one. 

Thank you for your suggestions!


Wow!  That is frustrating for everyone involved.  A notification should be warranted about the potential loss of data, at least. 

This is a long shot of an idea.  The papers and information are within since she used the external tool.  She will have to log into and find the correct assignment which maybe available.  She could then export the feedback from Feedback Studio (it might be paper-by-paper though).  If this idea does work out then she might want to ASK the students if they WANT the feedback before spending too much time on it (especially if it is paper-by-paper export process). Smiley Happy

Your suggestion is excellent, and we tried that, but all of the papers were gone from along with all of the feedback she had given on each paper.  It seems that when she turned off the external tool and then turned it back on again, it overwrote the original assignment in Turnitin.  We had hoped that turning it on again would create a new assignment ID and a duplicate assignment in Turnitin with the old assignment still there, but the old assignment with submitted papers was gone.