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Twitter App Not Working - Any Ideas?

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Hi folks,

We have a faculty member who has been using the Twitter LTI app available through Edu App Center, but noticed recently that it stopped working. On the page where it is placed, all I see is a pulsing blue and white circle. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Does anyone know if it has been deprecated?

Thanks in advance for any insight or suggestions you have!



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Hi Laura Gibbs,

Thanks for the link to the ready-to-use @FolkloreThursday Twitter widget! I just put it into my summer course.

It appears that the Twitter LTI tool has started working again (as you noted in your message from last week). But I'm going to give the faculty member a choice between your Twitter widget and the LTI tool.

Thanks again!



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Hi  @lindalee ,

I can't help you with the LTI app as my university blocks all LTI tools, but for enhanced functionality you might look at using the Twitter Widget as described in this response from laurakgibbs.

Good luck!

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We recently noticed the same problem. I tried the directions from Laura Gibbs but had no luck getting past the .html page stage.

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Hi Cynthia Kerns,

Thanks for confirming that we aren't the only ones experiencing this problem!

I've used laurakgibbs' instructions before to embed a Twitter feed of a hashtag, but sometime in the early fall Twitter deprecated part or all of the Twitter widget tool. The embedded feed I had been using for my own classes (which was a feed of a hashtag) stopped working sometime in early-ish fall.

I believe that Laura has figured out a workaround to get her basic approach to work with a feed from a particular Twitter handle, which would work for our faculty member's need. I'll see if I can find those instructions and get this to work.




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Hi Linda,

I'm sorry to hear that Laura's instructions no longer work.  If you find her updated workaround, I would be interested in seeing how to make this work for a particular hashtag, rather than a separate Twitter handle.



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Hi all, I was disinvited from the Community a while ago and haven't been checking in, but the method I use for Twitter has nothing to do with the LTI. I use the regular widgets (which are actually supported by Twitter), and which I embed via an iframe.

So, the instructions here still work:

People sometimes run into trouble with creating a clean .html file, but if you use a plain-text editor (or an HTML editor like <txt> etc.), things should work fine. Contact me at Twitter @OnlineCrsLady if you are having trouble and I will be glad to see if I can figure out what's not working!

If you were using a hashtag-based stream, then things are more complicated since does not support hashtag widgets anymore. There's a work-around with Martin Hawksey's TAGS widget-generator which works pretty well, but it's not as easy as the options.

I"m guessing it is hashtag-based widgets with the LTI that are not working; a regular account widget with the LTI looks like it is still working just fine as you can see in this comparison page which has the LTI on one side (no media) and the Twitter widget on the other side (media displays):

Anyway, ping me at Twitter or use the Suggestion box here to contact me since I'm not really here at the Community anymore:

I hope that helps!

Hi Laura,

Thank you for responding here.  I'm not personally familiar with the Twitter LTI app so I cannot comment on Linda's question specifically.  It looks like you previously posted additional details about embedding a Twitter feed here.  Again, thanks for piquing my interest.  I think I'll go do some experimenting of my own.  Smiley Happy 


Hi Scott! What happened was than when Twitter switched to its system for all the widgets, they dropped support for the hashtag widget, and I think the Canvas Twitter LTI used to support hashtag widgets, but I don't know for sure since I don't use the LTI. It would have required some major work with the Twitter API (plus some expense also) to continue to support hashtag widgets via the LTI.

The only Twitter hashtag widget you can do now (that I know of) is Martin Hawksey's TAGS archive widget, which he created specifically to fill the gap created when Twitter stopped supporting hashtag widgets:

I was running one of Martin's widgets as a test with #FolkloreThursday, but that hashtag is so active that I had to rebuild the spreadsheet every week, and I finally stopped doing that (although it can be done; it takes maybe 15 minutes or so every week to rebuild the Google Sheet) --  @lindalee ‌, the easiest alternative is just to use a normal account widget with the FolkloreThursday account, and then you can use per usual without having to run a TAGS Archive. Folklore Thursday is the victim of its own success: 10,000 tweets or more every week! I've got a ready-to-use Folklore Thursday account widget here:

Folklore Thursday widget

Hi Again Laura, 

Sorry to be a pest but I clicked through to Martin's TAGS widget and made a copy of the associated Google sheet.  The first step in the directs say, "1. If you've never run TAGS > Setup Twitter Access do so now (this should only need be done once for all your TAGS sheets)"  I'm lost already!    Can you help me understand what to do next?  Thanks again for helping people with this.


Hi  @scottdennis   ! It's a lot like the way you give the Canvas API access when you run one of James's spreadsheets. Up along the top of the spreadsheet that you copied there is a custom menu called TAGS, and under that menu item, you should see an option that says Setup Twitter Access. Here's a screenshot of the TAGS Archive I had made for CanInnovate last fall; you should see the same menu options in the spreadsheet you are building:

TAGS menu