Two Questions

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I am new Teaching Assistant at University of Missouri St. Louis in the Biology department. I have two questions about ways to perform actions in my course.

1.) I have multiple sections of my lab course that I teach. Sections 10, 11, and 12. I noticed on Canvas that there is no obvious way to post something to all three sister sections, even when the information is exactly the same. For example, if I post an announcement about an upcoming quiz in section 10, I have to then copy that material, go to section 11 paste and submit it, then go to section 12 and paste and submit it. This has to be done for literally everything (updates/announcements/changes to schedule) and is needlessly time consuming. Is there a way to post something to multiple/all sections at once?

2.) For the course summary under the Syllabus section that has all the assignment dates, I noticed that to change the day something is due/occurs on, you can't just click the date column on the left and type in the new date for all the assignments in that section, you have to go into the calendar and drag them one by one to the new date, which reloads the page everytime you move one thing. Like with #1, this takes up a tremendous amount of time and I feel like there is possibly an easier way. Is there a method to update the course summary dates quickly? One where the calendar just auto-updates after you make changes to the course summary?

Thank you for your time and consideration in these matters,

Jeremy Howard