Typical Reporting for Canvas System Usage

Community Participant

I'm interested in hearing what reports your school views on a regular basis to gauge adoption and usage of the Canvas system. 

My primary interest is in employee adoption and use of the system's tools and course engagement by faculty.  I'm also interested in measuring what tools/pages the students are accessing most often.  I've been noodling around in the Admin panel using Analytics and Reports, but it's not very robust or specific enough for metric reporting.

Background:  I am the Canvas admin at our university.  We just implemented Canvas this year; and I'm very new to Canvas Data.  Report building is not my specialty although I have a basic understanding of database structure and storage. Our data is housed internally in our University's data warehouse.  I have Power BI as my report builder, but I don't have the knowledge yet to build reports using this software.  If anybody has Power BI report structures built for Canvas that they would be willing to share, I would be forever grateful!

Thank you for any help you can provide.