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Unable to Login

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I'm in a circular situation. I can't send myself a password and I can't log in. I signed up as a teacher using Gmail and now I simply cannot login in no matter what I do. How do I reset my password so that I can login when I never receive the password reset link in email?


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I decided to abandon Canvas. I will be using my own instance of two other

Learning Management Systems instead. The amount of control that our

institution takes over its in house instance of Canvas is just too much.

On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 8:07 AM, <

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For tech issues that need immediate resolution, tech support is the place to go.  This team is top notch!

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The "wrong instance" was an issue for me until I figured out that when I was asked if I had a Canvas account, it didn't mean that; it meant  I had to have a Canvas account for that instance of Canvas.  (It just asks "do you have a Canvas account?")  I also wasted a mess of time trying to reset the password because of that false success message; only when I peeked at the URL and saw the different address did I consider it might be a separate entity.  

Whatever the issue, the design should be improved.   I shouldn't be asked if I have "a Canvas account" when the truth, "yes," will not let me log in.   I shouldn't be told with the green check mark that something has been sent to my email account when... well, it hasn't.  I should be spending more time making my own design errors :smileysilly:

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Boa tarde,


Tenho uma conta para professores, e vários alunos estão relatando este mesmo problema "login inválido ou inexistente". A senha esta correta, e quando escolhe a opção "esqueci minha senha" o Canvas não envia a nova senha. Como resolvo isso?

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