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Unable to view results from ungraded survey

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I have developed a survey that includes a matching question to rank preferences for topics for remainder of class, and two essay response questions for more information.  I am entirely unable to see any student results.  I've read the instructions and the prior questions, but to no avail.  I see an option to "Show student survey results" which would let me select students - but I can follow those links and only have the option to see the log - no responses, just what questions they answered.  I also have the "Survey Statistics" option. Given the type of questions, there is No information shown, and the report generates no information at all.  I'm stumped. I've used two browsers - Firefox and Safari. 

The options that are described in the guide do not appear to be fully available, at least to me.  I've submitted a ticket also - but perhaps someone else knows what to do???

Thank you!

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Thank you so much for pointing this out!! This need to be documented. Better yet, Canvas needs to STOP REMOVING THE "Quiz Statistics" button!! That button should ALWAYS be present.