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Unaffiliated Canvas user can't log in


I have a free Canvas account that I was using to try out some ideas. Now I can no longer log in. When I try to reset my password, no reset email ever comes (I've checked Spam every time, tried this a few times over a few days).

I am not currently affiliated with a university or school - I don't have an administrator to go to to reset. Can someone help me reset one time so I can access the files I uploaded there?

Thank you,

Melanie (


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Community Team
Community Team

@mandrich , it's possible that your Free For Teachers account is in the instance. If you enter the credentials there and they don't work, click the Forgot Password on that page to request a reset.

Community Participant

This answer does not help me either.  As you can see from the above comment, the Forgot Password link should send a link to my email, but, just as the original poster said, I have received no reset email.  This is quite desperate, as I have courses set up to use and more to do within the next week.  If I cannot do this, I will have to source another app and start again.  This is URGENT.

@silvamayflower  We're only able to find one active account associated with the email address you're using here, and it is managed by the Workers' Educational Association. Please contact that organization directly to request changes to your authentication and to let them know that their email reset process is not working. I found a page of contact links on the WEA website: Contact us | WEA 

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First of all, please note that the only outstanding question is why you don't know about my Free for Teachers account.  Is this because I have not joined the 'community' with my free account?  These answers that keep directing me back to the WEA are unhelpful.  I have 2 courses running with the organisation, and I am fully aware of our canvasadmin team and how to contact them.  All my other courses are outside the organisation, and so I cannot refer any of my private questions to them.  As I say, the email reset problem was solved!  So all that remains is how do I get your system to recognise me as having an independent free account?

Now that you've successfully reset your password, @silvamayflower , we can see the activity in your Free For Teachers account. Thanks for letting us know that you've been able to resolve the issue.