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Encounter unexpected error when starting a collaboration (At course level > Select Collaborations > click ‘Add Collaboration’ > click ‘Log In’ > “An unexpected Error occurred”).

This error continue even after clicking the "Log in" button. Wondering this login is a login to Canvas or the LTI (Office365/Google).


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Thanks Robbie.

Unfortunately, couldn't find the solution and root cause even a support ticket has submitted. We sort of give up the idea of using Collaboration as it seems unstable to us.

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I found that completing the steps below resolved the 'unexpected error' when trying to create an Office 365 collaboration:

  1. Go to the main module/course home page and click on ‘Office 365’ in the module navigation menu on the left, your office 365 files should then appear. Click on 'log out' on the right-hand side. Once logged out sign back in by clicking on 'log in' (you may have to enter your sign in credentials again).
  2. Your office 365 files should appear again signifying that you have logged back in to office 365 within Canvas correctly.
  3. Navigate back to the collaborations section of your module/course and create the collaboration again (you should now be able to create it without the unexpected error).

If this works for anyone let me know. Also avoid any special characters in the collaboration title or spaces at the beginning of the title as I found these also caused the 'unexpected error' to occur when creating a collaboration.



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