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Unexpected Error at Collaborations

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Encounter unexpected error when starting a collaboration (At course level > Select Collaborations > click ‘Add Collaboration’ > click ‘Log In’ > “An unexpected Error occurred”).

This error continue even after clicking the "Log in" button. Wondering this login is a login to Canvas or the LTI (Office365/Google).


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Thanks Jytte. I will look into the configuration details. I also found that by logging out and back into Office 365 worked (I've outlined the steps below in a response to this post/original question)

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Hi  @j_avneri  

I've noticed that the 'unexpected error' only occurs with first time Canvas collaboration users. 

Today we experimented with a few things but you are right with just accessing Office 365 from a course menu. Then hey presto collaborations work.

I assume it's the same for people who receive a collaboration - they will need to 'activate' it similarly. Bit of a shame but I'm glad I know now. I love Collaborations - when they work. 

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Hi  @Bobby2 ‌,

That's great it worked for you too. I think you're right in that the issue occurs mostly for first time collaboration users and perhaps new users that have not yet signed in / activated office 365.  

We are experiencing another issue where when you go in to edit a saved collaboration you can't view the current collaborators and the 'unexpected error' is at the top. Additionally when you add a new collaborator and save, all the previous collaborators are removed. I know that some other institutions are also experiencing this and not sure if you are too but you can read more about it in the comments of this discussion: .  We currently have a support ticket with instructure for this. 

I will also check out your blog!

Kind regards


Thanks  @j_avneri that's an issue I haven't encountered yet. Will keep an eye out for it.