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Ungraded Surveys

Hi. I'm a TA and have been tasked with a project and I'm finding the posted information insufficient.

We want to have an ungraded survey, the point of which is to ensure our freshmen have read the readings before class but without adding to our grading workload. The content has to do with demographics of the city we are located in. I want to ask questions, but I want to be able to separate answers based upon if the students are originally from around here or not. The first question simply asks if they are from the area. I want to be able to display this data from the survey in some way to the class in lecture. 

The articles on here are talking about the New Quiz tool: I'm not asked which quiz tool I want to use, it just goes to a screen where I start building a quiz. The quiz building page doesn't look like the pictures on the support pages, nor do I have most of the options. Is the New Quiz tool possibly a feature our college doesn't purchase?

If I make answers anonymous, do I still see which students have completed the survey and which have not? I can't really test this survey without publishing it. 

Thank you for any help.

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