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Unicheck in Canvas for Educators how to make it work?

I have installed the Unicheck Plugin and added the Customer Key and Customer Secret from my UniCheck Portal but it does not show up on assignments in my courses.  I notice under Settings > Apps > External Apps the UniCheck App does not have placement.  Is it that this function cannot be used in the Canvas for Educators Edition?

Not the LTI version.

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Hello Michael! Luckily I noticed your question here. I'm your Customer Success Manager at Unicheck, and I would be glad to help you with this question. I've contacted you recently, and I've already sent you an e-mail with some ways to resolve your problem. 

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Hi Yuliia, 

Thanks for the help and quick response! Have it all set up and picked a few teachers to take it for a spin.

To others:

I found a ton of different instructions online, you can't just install the LTI like most others, you have to have access to the Unicheck admin account. The Unicheck site has the current ones, you have to dig a little. It's best to work out of the Unicheck account, there are some permissions that can be adjusted, and you can add some branding.

There is a LTI or a Frameworks you can install. The LTI works as an external tool, as Michael noticed. But that is more for teachers to use with their own account. It takes them to Unicheck site to manage documents.

If you install the Framework by generating a URL using these instructions at top admin level, then all the teachers have a option when creating assignments to use Unicheck. It then goes to their Speedgrader. It looks pretty simple, look forward to hearing what the teachers say.