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Unintentional Reload with Chrome/MacBook touch bar

This is not a Canvas issue, but it effected me when I was using Canvas.

This will effect predominately STEM teachers interacting with Canvas through a Chrome web-browser on a MacBook with a touch bar.

Problem:  After working for 15 minutes building an assignment in Canvas, suddenly the screen blinks and all my work is obliterated!?!?!
Reason for problem:  One feature of the new MacBooks is the "touch bar" at the top.  And one feature of the Chrome web-browser is that there is a "reload" key on the touch bar, just above the 3 on the keyboard.  If a bit of my finger went above the 3 key when I was typing, it would slightly brush against the reload key on the touch bar.  Chrome would reload my Canvas page, thus wiping out my work.
Fix:  remove Chrome keys from the touch bar.
There's a trick that's clear in the instructions, but that took me a while to figure out.  You move your cursor BEYOND the bottom of the screen and you'll see a key in your touch bar becomes highlighted.  Click and drag up and it will be removed from the touch bar.  I just removed all the Chrome keys from the touch bar to avoid any future problems.
Hope this helps somebody out of a frustrating situation.
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Community Champion

Hi David Iverson,

Thank you for putting this 'Chrome/MacBook design conflict' solution out to the Canvas Community. This is exactly what makes this group so powerful and helpful for everyone involved.

I see that you have been a member since 2015, but have had only a few interactions. I hope you are finding the kind of value here that you have made available to others! If you haven't already... dig deep and explore, and you will find incredible concepts, fixes, answers and invaluable resources for everything from simple step by step guides, to programming/coding solutions for special projects and purposes. Thank you for your input.  ;>)