Unintentionally deleted an entire module

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So I just inadvertently deleted a module. I googled and found the undelete typed into the title bar process.  I was able to regain one element from the module.  But not the rest of the content.

Is there any way to retrieve the whole module?

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Community Coach

Hello rtillotson...

Well, that doesn't sound fun at all!  sadpanda‌  It sounds like you've tried the undelete trick from  @hollands ‌, but that only helped a little bit.  Have you tried looking in your school's "test" or "beta" environments to see if the content still exists there?  It's worth a shot...

How do I access the Canvas test environment as an instructor?

How do I access the Canvas beta environment as an instructor?

Just be sure that you log out of either of those environments (How do I log out of Canvas as an instructor?‌) before you sign back in to your school's "Production" environment...which is the environment you typically sign into on a daily basis.

I hope this might help you, Scott.  Good luck!

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