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Unpublished content from web on mobile app

Canvas mobile 101 question follows: Why can I see unpublished content in the course on the mobile app?  The web version has the content unpublished (modules and pages), but when I look at the same course on my mobile I can see the modules and pages.  I am an Admin so hoping that I can see unpublished content due to my own permissions.  Would that be the explanation?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @k_ryall ​:

Are you using iOS or Android, if so, which version?

If your role allows you to see published and unpublished content on the web, you will see the same content on the mobile app. The only difference with the mobile app is, it doesn't note which content is published/unpublished. Everything will look like the same. I know that's confusing, but I hope that makes sense.

I have seen early mockups of the Canvas Teacher app (to be released sometime in 2017), it's obvious if content is published/unpublished. I would think this functionality will make it to the "main" Canvas app eventually, but for right now, it isn't available.



Thanks Ryan, I'm on iOS 10.1.1.  And my role does allow me to see unpublished content on the web so that will explain why I can also see it on the mobile app too, but without any differentiation between published and unpublished.  It does make sense now.  Looking forward to the updated functionality when it comes through (and not getting a fright when I see unpublished content suddenly appear on my mobile).


If you are interested, feel free to sign up to be on the Teacher app beta! More the merrier! I can confirm that it makes it A LOT more apparent that things are published or not. Signup is available here.

I second Deactivated user‌: Get involved in the teacher app!