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Untimed quiz that auto-submitted after the available until date?

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If an untimed quiz has the following dates set up. . .


shouldn't the quiz auto-submit at 11:00 a.m.? 

How is this possible?



I'm wondering if it's because the student started the quiz attempt more than 4 days before the due date. They purposely let the quiz auto-submit. (This is classic quizzes, not

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @skhagen ,

From our experience, the quiz will only auto-submit if the student logs back into the course and clicks on that quiz in an attempt to re-start it.  It provides a message that says something like this quiz time limit has been reached, click to submit the quiz.  I can't remember exactly what is says, but it is similar.


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Yeah, it looks like they opened the quiz days before the until date, and then didn't interact with the quiz until 11:22 on 9/26, which caused Canvas to update and go "hey, I need to submit this."

Community Coach
Community Coach
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Thanks,  @Robbie_Grant . So, is this how to explain it?

When a student navigates away from the quiz and the available until date passes, it moves into the Moderate this Quiz section of outstanding quiz submissions.

If the instructor had opened the Moderate Quiz page, they could have clicked the button to submit the quiz.

In this case the student navigated back to the quiz, so Canvas auto-submitted at that point.

If a student is viewing a quiz when the available until date is approaching, a message appears to them that prompts them to let the quiz auto-submit.