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The short version: is there a way to get the rubric scores to auto-update based on the gradebook score, or to upload a spreadsheet of rubric scores?

I'm using the learning mastery gradebook, and one of our outcomes is calculated based on accumulating enough homework points. This is easy to do in the gradebook: we have the individual homework assignments there, which don't count towards anything, and then we have one assignment which is the "total". Periodically, we will export the gradebook, sum the homework grades under the total assignment in the spreadsheet, then import it back in. 

The problem comes in with tying this to the learning mastery gradebook. My understanding is that the only way to tie an assignment to an outcome is through a rubric, correct? I know I can have a rubric update the gradebook score, but I need it to update in the other direction. Otherwise, we will have to manually update the rubric scores for 100s of students every time we update the totals.

Any advice or suggestions?

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Hi @cuwawrzy 

Interesting and creative use of Canvas, and I like it!

The type of functionality you are looking for with rubrics, "update in the other direction", is not available in Canvas.

You could create a new Idea Conversation for this functionality in this community.

Good luck,


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