Update Video to Remove SMS notifications

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I know that this change just occurred but I'm just posting a reminder to remove text notifications from the Notification Preferences video.  We link to this tutorial in many of our courses.

Thank you!


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Community Coach

Hello there, @schw0814 ...

I *think* you are referring to this video?  Notification Preferences (All Users) - Instructure Community  If this is correct, posting your question here isn't really the correct spot to be posting this.  Rather, what you can do is go to the link that I've provided, and then scroll to the bottom of that page.  Just below the two red buttons, "Ask a Question" and "View Related Guides", you'll see a link to "share your feedback".  This will take you to a page which includes a form that you can fill out which will then be sent to the team at Instructure that maintain the written and video tutorials here in the Community.

If I've interpreted your question incorrectly, please provide additional information so we can continue to help you out.  But, I hope this helps to answer your question.  Take care...

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