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Update about making a module visible to only one section and using canvas in teacher education



I have two questions I hope somebody can answer:


1. I was wondering if there is any updates about making a module visible to only one section?

See discussion about it here:

2. I work as a administrator in teacher education at the University of Oslo where I am responsible  for Canvas. In that regard I was wondering if there are any communities in Canvas that have a specific focus on usage of Canvas in teacher education? 

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @l_t_l_stende

1. There is currently a feature idea that suggests modifying module access to specific groups, sections, or users. If you'd like to support that idea, you can give it a rating and/or comment on the idea. 

2. Just to clarify, are you looking for a group that discusses how to teach instructors to use Canvas or how to teach professional development courses for instructors using Canvas? We have a variety of Interest Groups in the Instructure Community. If you're looking for something role-based, the Admin group or perhaps the Instructional Design group may be a good fit. If you have interests in a particular subject to focus on for professional development, like accessibility, there's also a group for that.