Updated Quizzes still display deleted questions

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I have a recurring problem in Canvas concerning quizzes. The context is that I am updating outdated quizzes because we migrated to a later addition of the textbook I use.  Here is what I did followed by the problem.

  1. I select edit for Quiz 1 and edit the instructions and the questions. I also deleted several of the older questions. After deleting 3 questions, modifying 3 existing questions and adding 2 totally new questions I have modified the Quiz from 8 questions to 6 questions.
  2. I save it and publish it.
  3. Next, I copy the quiz to the other 5 courses using the same textbook.

Problem description.

As soon as a student opens the quiz in one of the 5 courses that got the "Copy to course" version the deleted questions are present along with any edited and new questions. The latest time this happened it changed the revised quiz of 26 possible points to 36 possible points.

The originally edited version still looks fine it is only the ones I copied over that have problems.

Can anyone help me figure out what went wrong so I can prevent this from happening again?


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Thank you for this reply. in my experience, this can happen if the quiz wasn't saved with the new updated information and then copied over when the. It sounds like what's happening is the questions are added but the point values are not updated to reflect it in each question.

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