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I have a free-for-teacher account and am running out of storage space. How do I upgrade my account to get more storage? 

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Hello, @117029127415996 . Instructure does not sell storage upgrades or individual user licenses for Canvas. If you're with an organization that is interested in moving to the Canvas LMS in a paid instance, please fill out the Get a Demo form on this page to learn more from our sales team.

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One thing to keep in mind, @117029127415996 , is that videos are terrible storage hogs. Many instructors choose to house their videos on an external platform and link to them from their Canvas courses rather than uploading them to the file storage area of the course. When I was teaching, I uploaded all my videos to YouTube and set the privacy settings on each video such that only students with the link could access them. I then embedded them in Canvas pages; they look great, and in my humble opinion those videos displayed more nicely on a page than they did in the inbuilt modules viewer. I taught humanities courses that were very heavy on images and videos, but my overall course storage never exceeded 250MB (even after five years!).

So try weeding out the most egregious offenders in Files; that might give your free account a new lease on life.

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