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Uploading files via Canvas Student App on Android - Troubleshooting Advice

I'm trying to upload a file via the Canvas Student App on Android and just keep getting a 'submission failure' message. The suggestion in the app is that it might be a problem with my internet connection, but other apps are connecting to the internet fine (and, in fact, this app seems to be working other than the file upload).

One possible complication is that I am a teacher on the course, and am trying to test this out using the 'Test Student' within the Canvas Student App. I don't know whether that would affect the functioning of this.

Out of interest, I tried all of the uploading options (camera, gallery, documents, scanning) and none of them worked for me. I also thought I might need to adjust the app permissions in my phone's operating system, so I switched these to allow the app access to the camera and files/storage, but that doesn't seem to have fixed the problem.

Any troubleshooting advice when it comes to this? Anything else I could try?

Thanks in advance!

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If you've updated all of your settings and it still isn't working, your next best bet is to delete the teacher app completely and reinstall it. This also clears the cache on your device for Canvas and should resolve it if that is the issue. Have you tried submitting in student view on a browser?

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Thank you very much for your reply.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Canvas Student App, which hasn't helped. I also had the Canvas Teacher App, and I have uninstalled that in case it was somehow interfering with the behaviour of Canvas Student. The submission scenario doesn't seem to be possible in the first place in Canvas Teacher, as selecting 'Student View' from within Canvas Teacher just opens the Canvas Student app.

I have also enabled all permissions for the Canvas Student App (all of the options, not just camera and files/storage) to see if this would make a difference, but it has not fixed the issue.

Submission seems to work fine within the web browser on a PC. I can't seem to find Student View at all in the mobile browser, so haven't tried uploading/submitting via the web browser on my phone.

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Hello @StephanieB52 

Hmm that is interesting. At this point, you may want to contact Canvas Support directly. Mobile stuff can get tricky but they do have the resources to recreate experiences you may be having on mobile. I would also consider trying on the browser on your device and seeing if the same thing happens or if it is specific to the app. 

Great, will do. Thanks for your help with this!