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Uploading from Google Shared Drive

How can documents created in a Google shared drive be uploaded or linked into Canvas without having to create a copy (which would need recopied each time it's updated) in a personal drive?

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I too am also looking for the answer to this problem.  My district has created a shared drive that houses thousands of materials for our French Programs.  This are things that we need on a daily basis to post in our classes to do our job.  Yet, currently in Canvas, we are not able to access these files on the shared drive, only the files on our personal drives. This is something that needs to resolved ASAP.  There is not enough time in the day to constantly be making copies of materials to place in our personal Google Drive, to upload into Canvas.  And clearly we are not the only people with this problem. PLEASE figure out a way for teachers to access their SHARED GOOGLE DRIVES in order to do our jobs efficiently!

Good morning, @chassett and @AngelaBarley ...

Do either of you know if your school's local Canvas Administrator or someone from your school's Online Learning/eLearning department has installed the Google Apps external LTI tool integration into your Canvas environment?  I would think that this might be of help to both of you.  If you are unsure, check with those people at your school to see if the integration has been added to your school's Canvas environment.  They could install it at the Canvas account level so that it is available for all Canavs courses at your school....not just your course(s).  Here are some additional resources for you to look through:

I hope these Guides will be of some help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions...thanks!  Take care...stay well.

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Seems like there has been no progress here?  I am the Canvas Administrator for my school, and I've installed (and uninstalled) the Google Apps LTI several times.  It works great for documents in a MyDrive, but Shared Drives do not appear.  This severely limits how we can use Google Apps in Canvas.  The advantage of Shared Drives is that files in them are owned by the institution, so if an employee leaves, the documents they used/created remain linked to the school and access is not lost.  

Please work on this one!

I have been racking my brain ALL day trying to figure out how to get a Google Shared Drive file embedded and displayed properly on my Canvas page and this seems like the most recent and up to date comment about this being an issue still.

The best/closest I've been able to do is to take that specific document (Google Sheet that is located in a Shared Google Drive), publish to the web, get the Embed code and paste it as an embed code...but Canvas won't let me resize the document after I do it this way.

Someone help fix this!