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Uploading multiple files for assignments

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I have students turning in assignments on Canvas from their Google Drive (which has already been registered on their Canvas accounts). How can they submit more than one file per assignment? Most of them have two separate documents I want them to turn in for one assignment I put on Canvas.

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I might in this case recommend the use of an appropriately-configured (and institute-sanctified) cloud storage (GDrive, Dropbox, Box ...) to solve the first problem. They are generally all accessible across multiple platforms from most any app.

I'd be hard pressed to suggest anything other than what you are likely doing now (off-line grading in a different app) for the second problem.



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This might be what you're looking for if I understand the question correctly. When students submit an assignment they can easily attach multiple files of different types using the "Add Another File" option on the assignment submission page:

Add Another File screenshot

When you go to SpeedGrader it looks like this:

Add Another File Screenshot 2

Once you get into SpeedGrader, click on the file that you want to view and it will render in whatever tool loads the files, Box, Crocodoc or eventually the new document viewer. We have used this functionality for ages. 

Hope this helps 🙂

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We need to be able to upload 1,2,3,4,5 or more files in one upload, who has the time to do them one by one!! select all function needs to be built in easy to build in so why not?

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I need to be able to upload multiple files and then also a Google Doc.  This doesn't seem possible...other than a workaround of resubmitting a second attempt at the assignment with a different file upload.  Is there any news on this moving forward?