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I have a Free For Teachers account.

I am looking to upload course recordings to my Canvas page for my students to access, watch, and download if desired. I can't figure out how to do this. Is this not possible on a free account? is there a file size limit?

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Hi, @EmilyMeredith , the instructions for uploading media are the same for all accounts, and the documentation spells out the file size and course quota limitations:

How do I upload and embed a media file from my com... 

How do I upload and embed media from an external s...

That said, we do not consider uploading the videos a best practice; videos are notorious file storage hogs, and users will run out of course storage quickly if they house their videos in Canvas. We recommend uploading videos to a third-party site such as YouTube, configuring the privacy settings on the video appropriately, and then providing students access to those videos through a link in the course. This is how I managed my media-rich courses when I was teaching in Canvas with only a 250MB course quota, and in five years of teaching those courses I never came close to reaching that limit.

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