Use Calendar to schedule due dates

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For years I have been using assignments with different due dates per student as scheduled in the calendar. This allows for students to schedule presentations relevant to the discussion that class week and spreads these presentations throughout the semester rather than having them all on one day. But it's a nightmare to try to schedule this in canvas - is there any way to connect the calendar to assignment due dates so that students can choose their date in the "appointment" section of the calendar, and that date will automatically be filled in as their due date for an assignment?

Technically what I'm doing now works fine - they schedule their "appointment" and deliver the presentation on that date. But a significant number of students fail to meet their due dates because they don't show up on that right sidebar of things that are due. And it's enough students that I'm not comfortable just failing them for missing their date, but the only alternative is to go in and create an assignment with an individual due date for each student after they sign up for the appointment. With 4 classes at roughly 35-40 students each, that's not really practical either. Any thoughts on a better way?

Alternatively, will the calendar "appointments" feature ever be updated to schedule actual assignments with due dates and points involved? For now the appointments are scheduled at particular times as if they are actual appointments for office hours or something; it's kludgy to use that feature the way I'm using it in the first place.


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