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Use SpeedGrader to annotate quiz file uploads?

Is it possible to give a graded quiz in Canvas so that both (a) the student must upload a file in response to the question and (b) SpeedGrader will allow me to annotate the file the same way I can with a Canvas assignment? 

I really need both the time limit of a quiz and the ability to actually use SpeedGrader to annotate the file upload.

Having them write in a textbox is not a viable alternative; this is a math course, and in the same exam they need to be able to provide sketched graphs with work annotations, show work to solving equations, and write explanations with summary conclusions as well.

Thank you for your time

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Yes, this is the same for language teaching faculty. Yes, this can be done in Assignments but the time limit is needed.

Hi Janel,

I'm using a workaround, where I have them take the test via a Canvas quiz,

and upload their answers. Then I have them upload the same file(s) into an

assignment so I can use SpeedGrader.

Not what I want to do, but so far it has worked.

Best wishes,

Dr. David Folk

Department of Mathematics

Eastern Michigan University

On Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 4:30 PM <>


Hey  @dfolk !  Every time I have used the file upload I have always had to download it.  I have never found a way to open it in Speedgrader‌. 

Hello David,

If you allow students to take the quiz at different times, how are you able to enforce that the work file for a quiz is uploaded within a time limit (since they first started the quiz)?  Are the quiz start and the file upload time-stamped? Thanks.

Harry Kellogg

Sierra College

Hi Harry!

Both the quiz and the corresponding homework-type file are time-stamped.

The quiz (a) gives you the time the quiz was started, (b) gives the time

the quiz answers were uploaded (if was within the time limit) and (c)

enforces the time limit in that it will not allow them to upload the quiz

answers if it went beyond the time limit.

The homework-type file does tell you at what time the file was uploaded.

I did have them practice (with a practice test) taking the test-quiz,

uploading the quiz and then uploading the same answers as a homework-file.

Best wishes,


Dr. David Folk

Department of Mathematics

Eastern Michigan University

On Tue, Jun 2, 2020 at 6:47 PM <

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Follow up question:  Even if we are not able to annotate in Canvas, Is there a way to upload the annotated file back to the student?

Community Participant

What I've done is a bit ham-fisted and time-consuming, but it works.  In a quiz I;ve created in Quizzes, I open the student's uploaded document, annotate it with my drawing tablet or with text boxes, or both, save it and re-upload it to the student in the comment column in the Speedgrader.  It takes longer than just being able to annotate within the Speedgrader, but it gets the job done, and I can apply a time limit on the assessment.  I've created quizzes in Assignments when I am not applying a time limit other than the availability range for the assignment, and then just assign the quizzes to the assignment group I use for assessments in that class.  That lets me annotate directly within the Speedgrader.  Ideally we will one day be able to have our uploads and annotate them too within Quizzes, but I guess for now it's not possible.  If anyone has a way, I'd love to hear it!