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Use of Canvas in high school math to assess and teach

I am a high school math teacher. And as is true for all, we have moved into a world of distance learning. Canvas has been used more as an organized assignment list in the past before Covid-19. But now our school is exploring ways to assess and engage students during the fall semester. I know Canvas has an ability to form essay and multiple choice assessments, quizzes, but from a math teacher perspective, does it have the ability to hand write solutions and solving evidence? We currently use OneNote class notebooks, but I am exploring other options. Would love to hear from other math teachers and how they are using Canvas.

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I have had students hand in pictures of hand written assignments, but if you are after something automated Canvas quizzez are hopeless for math once you get beyond using numbers.

There are CAS systems that can be integrated.

I have looked at Möbius (Mable TA) who claim to have an integration with Canvas, but couldn't show us an example.  Wiris has a demo site, where you can see how their system works with Canvas.

There may be other options that I haven't found.