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Community Team
Community Team

Use the Canvas Guides? We'll reward you for your feedback!

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At InstructureCon, many of you were kind enough to stop by the community lounge and share your thoughts about the community—and the Canvas guides! But for those of you who weren’t able to make it, we want to keep the conversation going.

We’d like to invite you to share your thoughts about the Canvas Guides. How are you using the guides? What do you like about the guides? What don’t you like about the guides?

Here are two ways we’d love to hear from you:

Discussion Comment

Post your comments about the guides below—we’ll give you 25 points!

[UPDATE: As of September 19, this option has been closed.]


Take our online survey about the canvas guides and release notes—we’ll give you:

  • 100 points
  • a community badge
  • an entry to win one of 4 - $25 Amazon gift cards*

[UPDATE: As of September 1, this option has been closed.]

We’d love to get as many comments and survey responses as possible by Monday, August 29.

Thank you!

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*To be eligible for an Amazon gift card, surveys must be submitted by Monday, August 29, 2016.

97 Replies
Community Participant

 @kmeeusen ​, you took the words right out of my keyboard. The Getting Started with Canvas as an Instructor guides are excellent, and a great place to start. It's also a great place to re-visit when you get stuck. Excellent advice Kelly!!

Community Participant

They are a wonderful one stop help shop.Smiley Happy

Community Participant

This looks like a good path Smiley Happy     Now, if I can figure out how to make the path easier & why I found so many dead ends before getting to it... (I think looking for videos...)

Hey, Susan!

We closed the survey and then spent a LOT of time reviewing the responses. So rest assured we read everything you had to say. One of the points that I mentioned a few days ago in the summary I wrote about all the amazing responses we received was that we need to rethink our Getting Started materials. We appreciate your comments in helping us see how the guides can be made better for new Canvas users. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.


Community Participant

I love, love, love the Canvas guides!  They are a life-saver, and I utilized them a million times when I was training our faculty.  The Canvas Student Tour is a wonderful resource, and I structured the face-to-face training I conduct each semester on this tour.  That way I have an online resource to direct students to who are unable to attend.  I've never had access to so much information as found in the Guides.  Thank you to the Docs Team for providing wonderful resources that are easy to use!  Appreciate all the hard work you put into these resources!  I'm forever grateful!

Community Champion

I use the guides all the time! Not only do I search the guides for tasks I'm trying to accomplish, but we email out links to specific documents in the guides for faculty! I love the screenshots and the step-by-step directions that are available. That being said, I do find them difficult to use at times. They are not always easy to search for what I'm looking for. The most common example I have of this is cross-listing. Our faculty refer to this as combining courses. When they search the guides, they are easily frustrated because they cannot find what they are looking for. They would like to have answers, and to have them immediately. They get frustrated and quit using the guides. We continually email them the links to them to demonstrate the information is there. Thank you for making them as great as they are, but I would be even more appreciative if they were more easily searchable.


Thanks for the feedback about the cross-listing terminology. We'll see how to better incorporate "combining courses" into the text and help it appear more in the search results.

Thank you,


Community Contributor

I absolutely love the Canvas Guides! Especially because you all do such a great job keeping them updated with the regular updates that are made to Canvas. I have only one request, which admittedly is more of a "feature request" but seems like such a small thing...on the "Where can I find my peers' feedback for peer reviewed assignments?" page it would be incredibly beneficial to have a note about the "View Feedback" button to see inline comments. We've had many students get tripped up on this step in the process.