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Using Apple Pen on canvas to mark up drawings (speedgrader)


I am having trouble using the apple pen to mark up on speedgrader. It merely moves the image around instead of drawing lines. Marking up works just fine via speed grader using a mouse on a laptop.

I am not sure where the issue is - a setting with the apple pen or a setting in speedgrader?

Note: The apple pen works perfectly in the notes app.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @weer ‌,

I'm assuming you are using the Canvas Teacher app, correct? If not, definitely download and use the Teacher app. As for grading, is the file submission a JPEG or PNG? The doc view has limited annotation support for photos/images. The easiest way to tell is if you see the annotation bar above the image. If you can share a screenshot (hide student info) of the issue, I'll be glad to take another look. Thanks!

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