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Using Bootstrap code in Canvas Pages

Hello all,

In doing some rummaging around online, I found a few institutions that share Canvas Modules and pages regarding the use of Bootstrap to design Canvas Pages, both for standard desktop/laptop use as well as mobile platforms for phones and tablets. The Bootstrap code appears to add some useful features that help communicate information in a visually simple, yet attractive format.

Question: Are there any guides or other resources that I can review to help redesign Canvas Pages to utilize Bootsrap (or even basic CSS) so that my course content is more engaging while still meeting accessibility guidelines?

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I have this same question.  So far I've been working through the w3schools documentation and just trying things out.  Most of the Bootstrap 4 Button features work so far.  I just started this evening but will be compiling something like that for our own reference I suspect.

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From what I can tell you can upload your custom CSS to Canvas as an administrator. So theoretically you can use Bootstrap, W3, or your custom CSS to draw from. This is what I am looking to do.

What I want to know is if anyone has used the standard Bootstrap or W3 and were there any conflicts I need to look out for?

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We would also be interested to hear any updates on the topic of using bootstrap with Canvas.  We would love to hear of experiences with success and/or any issues found.

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I love that y'all are talking about this and really want to participate in the discussion. We are currently exploring the DesignPlus tool but I want to explore using Bootstrap as a way to spice things up visually for our Canvas users. It looks like this conversation was started in 2020. Does anybody have any updates? I'd love to work with anybody that is using this stuff and put our minds together to potentially implement bootstrap in Canvas in awesome ways. Let me know! 

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