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Using Canvas (LMS) courses in Canvas Catalog listing for using Catalog self-enrollment feature

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1. We have  created course in our Canvas LMS sandbox setup )  can we  list the course from this Canvas LMS sandbox instance on to our Canvas Catalog setup 

2. If Yes, can you confirm if student can use the "Enroll" feature to enroll in any of these sandbox courses.

3. As the course is in sandbox environment , can the sandbox Admin manage ( view) enrollment done from Catalog

4. The student account exists in sandbox environment, will they need to create new account on Catalog setup or will be SSO based access between Catalog and Canvas sandbox setup

How can achieve the above? We are trying to use one source of f truth ( sandbox Canvas) for all the courses content



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@AsifSayyad I am not 100% sure what your first question is referring have a Sandbox Canvas instance that is not your normal Canvas instance?  I have never seen that before, most people have (or I thought most people have) a Canvas, Canvas Test, and Canvas Beta which all are like,, and respectively. 

All that said, Catalog only "sits" on top of one instance and the instance it is tied to is the only one that courses can be linked from.  This does also mean instances with trust relationships between them can also not be tied.  For example, my institution currently runs 2 instances of Canvas each with their own Catalog.  We have a trust relationship setup so users can potentially see across the instances and it is not obvious to them that they have courses in 2 different Canvas systems.  Even with this, courses from one instance can only be attached to the Catalog that sits on top of it and not the other Catalog we have.

Since the answer is "no", I think this negates your others questions.

Hope this helps!


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Hi Nick,

Thanks for the response it surely answered my question.  "Catalog only "sits" on top of one instance and the instance it is tied to is the only one that courses can be linked from."

I checked again and was referring to different instance of Canvas and Catalogue. All sorted.

Thanks again 🙂

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