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Using HMH LTIs in Canvas

We have added our HMH content into our Canvas Commons and teachers can access materials there to import into their courses.  However, we have three HMH LTI's that show up - but we don't know how to use them as an external tool.  They don't seem to do anything.  We have reached out to HMH for support, but they said to ask Canvas.  However, it's not Canvas' product, so they cannot help.  

Does anyone use the HMH LTIs as external tools when making assignments? If so, how does it work?  I cannot find any documentation online about it, either.  

These are the three LTI's that appear that we don't know how to use: 


  • HMH HMHCO LTI Tool Provider
  • HMH LTI Tool Provider

  • HMH ThinkCentral LTI Tool Provider 


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Ok, so I do know a couple things about this tool, but I, too, am looking for answers pertaining to it. What I do know is that of the 3 tool options you listed above, you would use the one that corresponds to your textbook series. For example, we use the HMH Ed platform online, so our linking tool has HMH Ed in the name of it. Also, the reason you might think the tool isn't doing anything may be because the activity you are trying to link does not have the right format to be created. For example, I was trying to link a tutorial and a film clip to as an assignment through the linking tool, and nothing happened. BUT, when I tried linking the "Practice Assessment"  to an assignment, it brought up the dialog box that creates an assignment. Does that answer YOUR question? lol MY question is... once I create that assignment and my students complete it, how do they "submit" it? I have students who have finished online, but I don't see any scores for them or a way for them to submit the assignment! So, even if you DO figure your part out, make sure you have a way to see their work, or it's not much use for anything other than busy-work.

Hope I could help (a little!)